• ecosystem builder

    Experienced builder of teams and communities in more than eight countries.


    My most recent ecosystem building project is RoStartup, Romania's very first bottom-up Startup Ecosystem Strategy.

    About me

    Passionate about building startup ecosystems around the world, from Santiago, Berlin, London to San Francisco and Amsterdam.


    In my early 20s, I've worked an EU funds consultant, founded the first pre-accelerator in Romania, founded an international network of events called Creative Coffee, and have raised funds for my own remote talent startup.


    Since moving back to Europe (2014), I've helped design and lead programs for Rockstart (Amsterdam), Startup Institute (London and Berlin) and Philips (global role based out of Amsterdam).


    I mentored and advised several NGOs and accelerators who are helping entrepreneurs grow.

    I coach founders.


    Since 2023, I joined The Foundry (Unilever's innovation arm) as Global Head of Strategy and Operations.